FertyNorm Compact-3S-PVC-CT

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  • Model:FertyNorm-3S-COMPACT
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Fertigation unit FertyNorm Compact-3S-PVC-CT

Fertigation unit FertyNorm Compact-3S-PVC-CT for proportional dosing addition of fertilizers and acid in the irrigation water in greenhouses of small and medium-sized, small areas of open field.
FertiNorm Compact-3S-PVC-CT allows to provide the functional requirements for growing plants hydroponically.

 Комплект деталей Fertinorm 3S-PVC COMPACT

Technical information:

Flow rate7 - 2500 l/h
Water pressure0.2- 8 bar


Working temp +4ºС - +40ºС

Attention! System operation is allowed only at positive temperatures. The drop in temperature below 0 ° C may cause defrosting and system breakdown.

Fertigation unit comes as kit for self-assembly, allowing you to easily and quickly connect it to the water source and to the irrigation system using threaded connections.
By using the valves, included in the kit, it is possible to switch fertigation modes: watering with pure water and watering with the addition of fertilizers.
All parts are made of PP with protection against UVA, which allows installation even in the open air without shelter from the sun.
The advantage of this unit is the ability of precise additive injection of two kinds of fertilizer and acid - separatly.

In order to prevent clogging, reduce wear of mechanical parts and extend the life of the system - the filtration unit is installed at the input of fertigation unit.
At the output of block fertigation also installed a filtration unit for final fine water filtering with fertilizer.

ATTENTION! It is necessary to monitor the availability of fertilizer solution into the container with the mother liquor, as operation of the dosing pump on "idle" can lead to increased wear or damage of the dosing pump.

The kit includes:


 Q-ty, pcs
MixRite 2,5 for fertilizer2
MixRite 2,5 bypass for acide or for another fertilizer
Filtration unit screen
Filtration unit disk
Binding manifold PP1 set

Agrosheriff Ltd. company constantly developing its products in order to improve its performance, efficiency and functionality, and therefore the company reserves the right to minor changes in the binding configuration.


FertyNorm Compact-3S-PVC-CT