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Anor Uzbekistan

Garnet, Rimon, Anor.

A comprehensive project for the development of the pomegranate production industry in the Republic of Uzbekistan.


The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Mr. Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev, made an important decision on the intensive development of pomegranate production in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The main regions for the cultivation and processing of pomegranate products were identified as the Fergana region with a general potential for the development of areas for cultivation of crops up to 20,000 hectares of pomegranate orchards based on the Fergana Anorchilik Agrofirm.

At the request of the khakimat (administration) of the Fergana region, our company, AGROSHERIFF Ltd . , conducted a survey and study of the potential of this region, in relation to natural -climatic conditions and developed the basic concept of the project.

We have researched and studied the existing pomegranate orchards in the Fergana region, the Agrofirm `` Fergana Anorchilik '' enterprise, farms, water resources and general production potential

Based on the analysis of the real state of the industry, we believe that the project has good prospects, but in order to achieve the set goals, an integrated approach and solution of a number of tasks is required to ensure the effective operation of the complex of industry enterprises and the implementation of the project based on and based on modern innovative technologies .
An integrated approach to the implementation of the project, includes a deeper study of all territories in 15 districts of the Fergana region, provided for the establishment of new gardens, the precise definition of areas for laying gardens in each district, the creation of a common integrated project, which includes the following components:

  • Establishment of new gardens, renovation and reconstruction of existing gardens.
  • Complex solution for providing all production areas with water, reconstruction and construction of modern irrigation systems for pomegranate gardens.
  • Determination of the range and volume of products sold in fresh and processed form.
  • Construction of several plants for the processing and storage of fresh and processed products.
  • Creation of service centers in each region to ensure efficient cultivation, high-quality processing and storage of products.
  • The cultivation and processing of products should be based exclusively on modern, innovative technologies to ensure guaranteed competitiveness of fresh pomegranates and processed products in the world market.
  • A single marketing and logistics center that ensures effective sales of products in the domestic and foreign markets.
  • Creation of terminals providing goods shipment by road and rail.
  • Opening of a specialized terminal at the Fergana airport to provide air deliveries of fresh and processed products for export.
  • Training of industry specialists on the basis of a faculty opened in Fergana at the university: Agronomists, engineers and other specialists for this industry.
  • Establishment of advanced training courses for farmers and other specialists involved in this industry at the faculty.
  • Opening of a specialized scientific unit `` Anor Science ''.
  • All technologies must comply with international quality standards.

Concept of the project for the placement of objects included in the infrastructure of the project

Rimon Anor

Production potential of the project.

The yield of pomegranate orchards in the Fergana region averages 15-18 tons per hectare. Modern pomegranate orchards have a much higher potential. The average yield of pomegranate orchards in Israel and similar orchards in the state of California, grown according to Israeli technology, is 50 tons per hectare.
The planned total area in the Fergana region will be 20,000 hectares. To obtain the maximum economic efficiency of the project, it is necessary to approach its implementation in a comprehensive and systematic manner. New plantations must be established using the most modern technologies to maximize the yield. It is necessary to carefully approach the selection of varieties, full compliance with agricultural technology and plant growing technology, completely reconstruct, more precisely, build a modern irrigation system for gardens, modernize integrated plant protection and create service structures to ensure the project's work.

Total harvest.

  • The existing technology allows to obtain from 300 to 360 thousand tons.
  • Modern technologies - up to 1 million tons of products.

In the future, to analyze the potential of the project, we will consider the production of pomegranates grown on the basis of modern technologies.

Fresh produce.

The sale of fresh products can be up to 20% of the produced, that is, about 200 thousand tons, taking into account the lengthening of the sales time by using the storage of products in refrigerated chambers.


The main types of processed products are juice and syrup.
Processing 800 thousand tons of products will require the construction of at least 10-15 large processing plants.
As a result of processing, you can get 400-500 thousand tons of main products in in the form of juices, concentrates and syrups.
Processed products have significant advantages due to long shelf life and significantly higher sales costs.

Additional processed products.

Currently, wine products are very popular. Pomegranate wine has a unique exclusive taste and medicinal properties.
Cosmetic products based on pomegranate oil and other components of this plant, have beneficial properties and have protective and medicinal properties.
Recent scientific research has given very unexpected results. Pomegranate products have a number of highly effective properties in protecting the body from cancer, treating a number of diseases, including disorders of the human nervous system, Parkinson's disease, inflammatory processes and, most importantly, the treatment of cancer and prevention of their occurrence. The most effective remedy against skin cancer is pomegranate oil.
Currently, research centers in Israel and the United States are conducting intensive research on the medicinal properties of products made from pomegranate fruits.

The economic potential of all types of pomegranate products, including fresh produce, has a very high economic level. The development of this industry must be considered as a very serious export potential of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which will significantly increase the income of the country and the population due to a significant increase in export volumes.


Planting gardens Planting pattern in intensive gardens 4x2 meters ... Based on such a planting scheme, 1250 seedlings will be required for one hectare. The total need for the planned area is 2,500,000 seedlings. To produce high-quality planting material, a specialized nursery will be required.
As an initial planting material, a strict varietal selection of mother plants from local varieties is required, plus, it is desirable to partially use imported planting material of new highly productive varieties.
Estimated minimum costs of creating nursery and production of planting material 6-8 million. $ USA.
Nursery staff should begin a thorough study of existing plantings this year, with marking and selection of source material for the subsequent cultivation of planting material of local varieties of pomegranate.