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Medical cannabis

New highly profitable product.

Medical cannabis or medical marijuana are special varieties (strains) of the cannabis plant grown for use in the manufacture of medicines and products used to treat various diseases or their symptoms.

The difference between medical cannabis and recreational hemp - in the quantitative content of effective active ingredients - CBD and TCH, depending on their content and ratio, is used to treat a range of diseases.
Strains with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and neuroprotective effects contain a significant percentage of CBD (8% or more) and a very small percentage of TCH (or no content at all), while the percentage contained in recreational strains does not exceed 2%. These strains have been used successfully in the treatment of epilepsy, inflammatory processes, cancer, glaucoma and other diseases.
Strains that have psychotropic effects contain a significant percentage of TCH and are used to treat sleep problems, depression, and various mental disorders.

Despite numerous statistics on the beneficial effects of cannabis in the treatment of various diseases and symptoms (epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, glaucoma, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, chronic pain, muscle spasms, nausea, exhaustion syndrome, anxiety, depression). The action has not yet been sufficiently studied and tested in both the short-term and long-term projections due to strict production and government restrictions throughout the world.
However, many countries have already abandoned a total ban on the production and use of medical cannabis, and many other countries are moving towards resolving the issue of allowing the cultivation of this crop for medical purposes.
Pharmacological companies have begun the production of several types of drugs created on the basis of natural organic raw materials - medical cannabis. Requirements for the quality of raw materials are very high, so it is very important to comply with the optimal technology of growing this medical plant. In this regard, the topic of application of effective technologies for the cultivation of cannabis is becoming very relevant.

To obtain high-quality medical cannabis, it is necessary to provide the plant with optimal conditions at all stages of the vegetation stages, as well as to strictly follow the technology of collection, drying and storage.

The main parameters of the growing environment, which must be controlled to ensure optimal growing conditions:

  • water 1.0-1.5 EC, PH 5.8-6.5

  • air humidity 60-75%

  • optimum temperature is 18-27 C

  • lighting 400-600 watt / m²

  • the mode of correspondence of the duration of daylight to the phases of vegetation.

Providing these conditions is possible only in the construction of a protected ground (greenhouse or enclosed space).

Greenhouses can be coated with a phytoprotective nets (Nethouse), films, polycarbonate or combined.
The choice of the type of construction is mainly influenced by the climatic conditions of the project site. Since cannabis plants are very sensitive to temperature and light, the main current costs will be heating / cooling costs, shading and lighting. That is, the optimal construction of a protected ground for a particular project will be one in which these costs will be minimal.
Our company has developed several variants of projects for growing medical cannabis in different natural and climatic zones. We paid special attention to the construction of combined greenhouse / net-house, which are also optimized for southern countries and regions with a hot climate.
To maintain substrate moisture, ensure optimal mineral nutrition, control EC and PH parameters, provide plants with balanced nutrients and trace elements, use drip irrigation system equipped with fertigation system.

Kanabis farm

Optimal cannabis farm project

The cannabis farm must be equipped with modern protected ground facilities and reliable high-quality equipment for growing plants.


Fertigation system

Specialists of our company have developed a specialized fertigation unit (fertilizer unit) intended for the cultivation of cannabis.

To maintain optimal parameters for medical cannabis plants, an integrated approach and specialized equipment in greenhouses is needed.

Kanabis Farm Fog

Fog in the greenhouse

The system of fogging and evaporative air cooling regulates the humidity of the air and at the same time contributes to a decrease in the air temperature in the greenhouse. Optimum moisture is an important parameter when growing cannabis.


Aluminet nets.

Aluminet® nets are specific agricultural nets, knitted from high quality metallized tapes. The tapes are manufactured with a special anti-oxidation and UV-resistant coating, giving the net durability and longevity. The net is knitted into a precise uniform texture. It is light, elastic and easy-to-install as screens that offer UV protection and microclimate control in greenhouses and nurseries.

The Aluminet darkening screen performs two functions at the same time - it adjusts the length of daylight hours and saves energy for heating the greenhouse.

The shading screen together with the evaporative cooling system allows to reduce the air temperature in the greenhouse by 8-10 degrees.

The Aluminet thermo screen allows to save up to 75% of the heat accumulated in the greenhouse during the daytime, which contributes significantly to reducing energy consumption.

Shading, dimming and thermo screens are three completely different devices for controlling different parameters of the agricultural cannabis agrotechnology.

In addition to the listed equipment, greenhouses are also equipped with a ventilation system, CO2 generators and air dryers (if necessary in humid climates).

Automation system. This is the most important component of the project, providing guaranteed control and management of all technological projects.

Environmentally friendly protection of plants from diseases and pests. We use two innovative solutions for plant protection based on new engineering solutions developed by our company, which allow minimizing or completely eliminating the use of toxic chemicals. It is very important for the cultivation of medical cannabis, which is a raw material for pharmaceuticals and a health product.

Due to the fact that the production of medical cannabis requires serious current financial costs for electricity to ensure adequate temperature and light in the process of cultivation, as well as to ensure an appropriate temperature in the drying process, the choice of energy carrier is one of the most important.
Our company offers to use renewable "green" energy by installing solar panels.
In the production of medical cannabis raw materials, usually about 70% of the farm’s area is occupied by cultivation, the remaining area is used for drying and ancillary facilities, on the roofs of which we suggest installing solar panels, which makes it possible to almost completely ensure the production of own electric energy (depending on the geographical location of ).

To create a successful farm for growing medical cannabis, you should take a serious approach to creating a project. At the design stage, local climatic conditions and customer requirements for the composition and quality of raw materials must be carefully considered. Certainly an important parameter is the cost of the project. Our innovative technical and technological solutions allow you to create highly efficient production at low cost. This is another major factor: a reasonable budget and a reasonable investment.

Agrosheriff Ltd. provides a full range of services to create projects.

  • Consulting services for the development of the concept, creation and operation of the medical cannabis farm.

  • Technical design.

  • Production and supply of a complete set of equipment for the project. (Made in Israel).

  • Installation supervision.

  • Technological and agrotechnical support of the project.

  • Training.

On the medical properties of cannabis.

Cannabis and Your Health

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