Growing microgreen is one of the most profitable agricultural businesses because the crop is taken every 7-10 days and the demand for these products is very high around the world.

Recent studies show that all types of microgreen contain a concentration of vitamins 10-15 times greater than an adult plant - it is a CONCENTRATE of vitamins (esp. vitamin C), trace elements and proteins.

Daily dose of healthy greenery - 30 grams, this amount is enough to get a portion of the micronutrients and vitamins necessary for good health and and this is identical to the consumption of 400 grams of mature foods.

Microgreen cultivation technology is not complicated, but requires special equipment. Common microgreen growing systems are quite expensive, but there are a few tricks to make it easier, more convenient to use and cheaper:

  • even for year-round cultivation there is no need to use a polycarbonate cover of the greenhouse, you can work in cheap tunnel film greenhouses;
  • use of “warm tables” to create optimal conditions for growing;
  • use of a specialized heating system based on heating mats;
  • use of special irrigation and fertigation systems;
  • use of conventional energy-saving lamps for plant lighting.

“Warm table” - is completely autonomous minigreenhouse in the greenhouse with it's own heating, irrigation, fertigation, lighting and automation systems.
This system allows to work in a conveyor way, i.e., the tables are sown one by one day after day and, accordingly, receive finished products every day, and not from the entire greenhouse at the same time.
In addition, this system is very economical, because unnecessary funds are not spent to maintain the microclimate throughout the greenhouse volume, but only directly in the area of plant growth.

The microgreen category includes some varieties of flowers. For their production, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of fertilizing.
Specialized fertigation units allow very accurate, metered feeding of fertilizer into the irrigation water and its acidity, if necessary, and adjustment is made for each table separately.

Compliance with technology is very important for obtaining high-quality products, and quality and proper packaging are the main product features for successful marketing.

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